Barry's Want List
Listed below are general, but not the complete, want lists. I have 4 collections currently going. The first is to get a card in VG condition from every set from 1880-1988.The second is to finish specific sets that I am striving for on "Set Building" tab​, and the third is to get a contemporary card of every Hall of Famer from their playing/managing/umpiring days. There is also a fourth one which is to collect every Cal Ripken Jr. card from his playing days 1982-2001 - Click Here for Ripken link. 
Click here for Specific List 1930-1979​

Anything Prior to 1930 – I’m interested!! I only have a few.
I am looking for oddballs that are not listed in my current collection (CLICK HERE TO VIEW the current collection).
Cards like Hostess, Drakes, Purina, Kellogg's, Royal Desserts, Regionals, etc- anything that I don't have, I want!

​LOOKING FOR (partial list only):

1909 Croft's Candy
1909 E92 Dockman
1909 Phila.Caramel E95
1909 Ramly
1909-10 w555
1909-10 C.A. Briggs
1910 American Caramel
1910 Contentnea T209
1910 25 Players
1910 30 Players
1910 Prominent Members
1910 Standard Caramel
1910 Texas Gum Mello-Mint
1910 Williams Caramels
1911 D304 with any back - Butter Cream, Brunners, General Baking, etc.
1911 George Close Candy Star Players E94
1911 Fireside World Champions
1911 Obak T212
1911 Plow's Candy
1912 Colgan's Chips Red Border
1912 T207 Brown Background - Have a filler
1912 W-UNC Strip Cards
1913 Colgan's Chips Tin-Tops
1913 Fatima Team Cards T200
1913 Napolean Lajoie Game
1913 Tom Barker Game WG6
1914 Cracker Jack
1915 American Caramel E106
1915 Cracker Jack E145
1915 Sporting News
1916 Ferguson Bakery D381
1916 Ferguson Bakery Pennants BF2
1916 Sporting News M101-4,5
1920 w516-1
1920 w519
1920 w520
1921 w516-2-1
1921 w516-2-2
1921 w521
1921 w551
1921 York Caramel
1922 American Caramel Series of 120
1922 American Caramel
1922 National Caramel
1922 w575
1923 Fleer
1923 w515-1
1923 w572
1923 w573
1925 Universal Toy & Novelty W504 Single Player
1925 w590
1926 w512
1927 American Caramel
1928 Fro-Joy Ice Cream
1928 w502
1928 w565
1928 Yuengling's Ice Cream
1929 w553

WANT LIST 1930-1979

2000-current – Not a priority, but since I am still collecting, anything that I don’t currently have would be interesting to me. I’d like to trade UV for UV if possible, but will hear all offers. There are some sets that I am trying to build, so look at the right-hand column for those.
Here are some sets that I am trying to complete.
​Some are condition sensitive.

1950 Bowman Wild Man: 36 to go - 50% complete!
Series 2: 37-72

1951 Bowman Baseball
​NEED:  - 3 left - 98.5% complete!
2 (Berra),257 (Tebbetts),299 (King)

1951 Bowman Jets, Rockets & Spacemen - 11,12,34,35,36,73,97,105

1952 Bowman Baseball Mid-numbers
​NEED: 3 left 
220 Meyer, 240 Loes, 217 Stengel

1952 Topps Baseball
​NEED: - very good or better only - 10 left 
180 Maxwell, 184 Ramazzoti, 187 Miller, 232 Cox, 235 Dropo, 261  Mays, 274 Branca, 276 Wilson, 281 Brown, 290 Astroth

​1974 Topps Baseball Birth year set – Started August 2014 - Completed by Ted Clayton with the Berra and Kaline on 12/15/15!!!
1974 Topps Traded - Started Oct 2014 - 41/44
Completed 7/2015 - Killed by Gil Herzberg

1974 Topps Team Checklists - Started October 2014 - Completed 7/2015 - Killed by Gil Herzberg

1981 Topps Stickers NEED: 252 Garvey ,254 Schmidt, 259 Carter, 261 Carlton

1991 Delicious Milwaukee Police Dept - NEED Paul Molitor to complete set.

​2003 Topps T-205 NEED:
10,11, 24,25,36,47,54,55,60,64,74,79,82,83,86,89,
​90,91, 102,104,119,127,147,148

​2008 Upper Deck X NEED: 70 Jeter

​2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Base Set NM+
Need: 3,16,20,30, 33,37,45,52,58,65, 73,76,77,87,90,94,100

Hall of Fame Want List (click here)
I am looking for cards of the following players from the years that they were active as a player, manager, or umpire.
Grover Alexander
Cap Anson
Earl Averill
Frank Baker
Jake Beckley
Chief Bender
Jim Bottomley
Roger Bresnahan
Dan Brouthers
Jesse Burkett
Max Carey
Alexander Cartwright
Jack Chesbro
Nestor Chylak
John Clarkson
Ty Cobb
Mickey Cochrane
Jimmy Collins
Charlie Comiskey
Roger Connor
Stan Coveleski
Bobby Cox – have in 2003 T205 set – would like a different one for the HOF collection.
Sam Crawford
Candy Cummings
George Davis 
Eddie Delahanty
Hugh Duffy
Johnny Evers
Buck Ewing
Red Faber
Elmer Flick
Jimmie Foxx
Ford Frick
Pud Galvin
Charlie Gehringer
Joe Gordon
Frank Grant
Lefty Grove
Chick Hafey
Jesse Haines
Ned Hanlon
Gabby Hartnett
Harry Heilmann
Rogers Hornsby
Miller Huggins
Walter Johnson
Ban Johnson
Addie Joss
Tim Keefe
Willie Keeler
Joe Kelley
King Kelly
George Kelly
Tony Lazzeri  
Ted Lyons
Larry Macphail
Rube Marquard
Christy Mathewson
Bobby McCarthy
Joe McCarthy
Bid McPhee
Kid Nichols
Walter O’Malley
Jim O’Rourke
Eddie Plank
Hoss Radbourn
Branch Rickey
Eppa Rixey
Wilbert Robinson
Edd Roush
Amos Rusie
Babe Ruth
Ray Schalk
Frank Selee
Joe Sewell
Al Simmons
Hilton Smith
Turkey Stearnes
Sam Thompson
Arky Vaughan
Rube Waddell
Honus Wagner
Paul Waner - (have a filler with a hole, maybe something a little nicer)
John Ward
Mickey Welch
Willie Wells
Zach Wheat
Deacon White
Joe Williams
Vic Willis
Hack Wilson
George Wright
Harry Wright
Cy Young
Ross Youngs