Barry's Baseball Type Set Collection
For the most updated list/spreadsheet of my current Typeset Collection from 1888-2020, please click here.
If you have a set that isn't listed, I will be interested in trading with you. I want 1 from every set, especially from 1880-1980!
When I was a kid, I collected the baseball cards of the 70s and 80s and my father collected cards from the 40s-60s. Then one day, we put together a puzzle that had pictures of vintage baseball cards going back to the beginning of the century (see picture to the left). One of us said, and I don’t remember who, “We should try to collect all the cards that are in this puzzle (except for the Wagner, although I will gladly trade for it!)”

​​And so it began, and the idea has since changed direction. We have been trading, buying, and selling to attempt to collect a card of every Hall of Fame player from their playing/managing/umpiring days, and get an example card from every set from 1880-1980. This is an even more difficult puzzle than the one we finished 30 years ago.
The puzzle still hangs framed on my wall, and the new puzzle is still in the works. So, if you have any oddball sets that you are willing to share, we would be ever thankful!

I am attempting to maintain a "VG Condtion" collection. That being said, I would much rather have a filler/beater card than none at all. I would prefer to trade vintage for vintage and modern for modern, but there are so many sets that I don't have that I am willing to hear any and all offers!!​​
Welcome to my Collection
If you would like to contact me regarding a possible trade, please email me at:
Dan Dannis                
Phil Chmielewski (In Delaware!)   
Carl Kogut
Jake Elwell
Chuck Andres
​​​​​​Mark Germana
Kevin Greene​
Ted Clayton​
Tom Biernasz​
Griffin Cole​
Kerry McGinley​
Jim Craig (in person!)
Randy Krolewicz
Gil Herzberg​
Mike Napoleon​
Scott Nicholas​
Michael Garron
Ken Hanson​
David Toback​

1948 Bowman
​1951 Topps Red Backs
1951 Berk Ross
1953 Bowman B&W
1954 Topps​​
1974 Topps​
1982 Fleer
​1985 Fleer Update
1985 Topps Traded
1986 Donruss All-Stars 60-card Set
1986 Fleer Update
1986 Fleer Classic Miniatures​
1987 Fleer Update
1987 Topps Traded
1989 Baseball Wit (sealed)
1989 Bowman
1990 Donruss Yaz Puzzle
1990 Topps Traded​
1991 Stadium Club Special Stadium Set in original box​
1992 Donruss
1995 Ultra Series 2 Base Set​
2006 Fleer Tradition Base Set
2010 Topps Mets Team Set​
2012 Topps
2013 Topps
2018 Topps Update​

Bob Bard
Richard Dingman​
Mark Talbot
Rick Lyons
​​​Ant Arbeeny
Kevin Martens
Derek Buie
Mike Kelemen
Jay Tysver
Don Berg
Mark Rhoades
Tim Morales
Jimi Thayer
Bob Chubb​
Gord Ellis
Eric Swartz​
​Max Schreiber
Nate Mack​